Eat Pray Love ❤️

Yesterday I made it to Gili Trawangan Island in Indonesia– gorgeous island! But that’s not what this post is about.

I made it terribly late yesterday: my flight was delated almost three hours, it was raining in Lombok so it took forever to get to the port, and it was all dark and it was raining when I got to the island. So, starving and thirsty i order a wonderful Lobster Rissoto and a glass of Rosé (my fav!). Turned on the tv and there it was: Eat Pray and Love ❤️.

Eat Pray and Love is one of these movies that I can watch many and many times, but last night was special: I kinda felt like Julia Roberts in the movie! Im actually in Indonesia, that’s my first check mark (✅), Im working but also traveling a lot around Asia finding myself (I can say with total confidence that I know myself), she is always looking around and getting to know the cultures, getting to do or enjoy what locals do (like the ice cream the nuns are enjoying in the movie in Italy), and maybe other things but not gonna get into telling in this post (maybe in another one 😉).

What actually made me think about the movie is that I could totally indulge myself EAT-ing, just like Liz does with the pizza, tasting the flavor of it: the sauce, the cheese.

I think that we could all PRAY a little.. I feel like it’s more and more of us looking for inner peace, looking for balance.. I have mentioned it before: in such a fast world we are living in, let’s take a moment to pray and be thankful.

And last but not least, LOVE ❤️. We need love, we are love.

Have you watched this movie? If not, go and watch it this Sunday!




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