Making Distance Shorter

On May 2016, I was transferred to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for work.

I’m originally from Venezuela. Lived and grown up in Maracaibo, and after political problems started in my country, I moved to Houston and started University to pursue my degree in Petroleum. I struggled A LOT to get my degree, but I DID IT (wohoo!) and I was more than excited to start my first job as a Field Engineer.

After working in different cities in the US (I even went up to North Dakota in January), I got transferred to KL! I couldn’t believe it… it was almost a dream, too exciting!!!. But, I was going to the other side of the World—literally speaking! Coming from a Latin family, you must imagine how close I’m to my parents and sisters—like a A LOT!! We have a iMessage Group chat in which we talk all the time (it’s not as intense as you might think jajajja <– and that’s my Spanish laugh, you will get used to it eventually)… So, when I arrived in KL, I decided to write emails to send to family and friends, where I would tell them about my life here in KL, about work, trips, new friends, customs that I find funny and all sort of things! 🙂

…and this is how “Fabi Scrapbook” was born… these are the stories about my life in Asia, making distance shorter! 🙂



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