What to do in KL?

If you are visiting KL for a short time or live here, what could you do in KL in a day?

Well, there are many things to do in KL, staying at home and watch Netfilx is one of them! 😉 jajjaa… But, certainly KL has some tourist attractions that could be of your interest, and easy access walking or by taking the train, cause here in KL is not a rule to have a car.

You can go to Merdeka Square by taking the train. If you are coming from KL Sentral station, go to Masjid Jamek LRT Station, and walk towards Jalan Raja. You will see Jamek Mosque, as well as Sultan Abdul Samad Building. There are some construction work happening, but you can still get a great view. There is the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, a tourist information center and where there are pictures of how Kuala Lumpur looked like at the beginning of the century—it’s quite interesting! There is also a shop, they have some really good souvenirs, but they can be a little bit pricey (even though the t-shirts are reallyyy nice quality and I think are worth the price)… So, if you want to buy cheaper and with many more options, walk from there to Central Market, it will take you less than 10mins to get there. In Central Market you can find anything and everything, and don’t forget to bargain!! In Central Market is Master Chin, who is a famous palm reader. He has pictures in the shop of all the VIPs that have gone there, and he is such a nice and lovely old man, really wise! Most of the shops here do not accept credit cards, so be ready for that.

From Central Market you can walk and go to Chinatown, and you can make a stop at Sze Yai Temple which is not that far. Take a taxi to go from there to:

  1. Back to your hotel and relax by the pool. 2. Or, go to the National Mosque.

If you decide to go to Masjid Negara (National Mosque), check out tha time frame that tourists can go. When you arrived, you will have to cover yourself and remove your shoes to show respect. Take a walk around the mosque, take pictures of this beautiful religious place, and if you have any question there are amany people who  you could ask (they are really helpful).

From there you could definitely go to KLCC, and get a drink in one of the restaurants around the fountain, towards KLCC Park. Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and wait for it to be dark to actually embrace the beauty of the Petronas Towers. Petronas Towers are a magnificent structure, and any time they are impressive. But, at night they are AMAZING, ATONISHING, MAGNIFICIENT, BEAUTIFUL… You will be speechless.

After that, go to Marini’s 57, enjoy the view from floor 57 drinking some nice “girls’ drink” or a beer (Asahi is my favorite) and eating some starters/pizzas!

Enjoy KL, there is so much to do!




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