Chinese New Year in Gili Trawangan

There are many options to travel around Kuala Lumpur (actually, too many!!)… but for Chinese New Year I really wanted to go to Gili Trawangan in Indonesia 🇮🇩 🌏I got my ticket through Air Asia, of course, it travels all around KL at quite cheap prices! ✈️💺 And then got my hotel through Expedia, as I always do because people really take their time to review the hotels and experiences, and because I get rewards points if I book through them! 😉

So, all set for Gili Trawangan!!

The only way to get to the island is through a boat, and there are many ways to get one 🚤. I booked a driver 🚘 from Lombok International Airport to the port (it takes about 1 hour and a half), and the boat to the hotel (it takes about 20 minutes) through my hotel, I think it was convenient as I was sure I was going to arrive to my destination: The Pearl of Trawangan Hotel—it was a wise decision!

I tried scuba diving at Blue Marlin Dive School the next day I arrived in the island. They were really nice and have everything in place to make the experience enjoyable. I’m not gonna lie—I was a little bit scared 😣 with the whole thing of wearing the mask and breathing with the tank—BUT it was only like 5 minutes. After that I got used to the situation😊🙂. The class started around 10 am, and at 2.30pm we went to our first dive (12 meters deep). We saw turtles (amazing!!) 🐢🐢, some marine snakes and all “The Finding Nemo” characters 🐠🐟🦀… It was sooo beautiful, it was like being in a giant aquarium just for yourself! I would love to try it again. (Didn’t get any pictures under the water, I was too concentrated breathing! Lol)

In the rest of my stay, I just enjoyed the hotel, the beach and the time being at the island 🏝☀️. As I mentioned, I stayed at the Pearl of Trawangan, which it has access to the beach and if you are lucky to get a Suite (as I did!) you will have a private pool which you share with a few other rooms!.

At the restaurant you will have a magnificent view of Lombok and the staff is just amazing, they are really into making your stay enjoyable and unforgettable! They have a great variety of dishes throughout the day, my favorites: western breakfast, avocado with salmon toast (feature in the pic) and the lobster risotto—it was sooo good!.



If you go to Gili Trawangan, or to any other of the islands in Indonesia, don’t forget to walk or rent a bike to go around the island, go to the night market, and DO get a massage (reflexology is always my favorite)… and try a Bintant, it has a really light flavor!






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