Saying goodbye?… Better say: till next time! 

The hard part of being an expat, it’s saying goodbye to family and good old friends… and also to the new friends!

When I was packing and getting everything ready to move, I totally had mix feelings: happy and excited 😁😊 for the “new” that was coming up, and of course sad (super sad! 😫) for saying goodbye to family and friends (that are actually more like family than just friends).

I think the hardest part for me in that moment was to pack two bags 💼 and two boxes 📦 📦, and take a flight to the unknown– it felt like I was leaving a piece of my ❤️ behind. But, with Faith that everything was going to work out, I took off and started this journey.

And I have enjoyed this journey with all my heart, and as I have mentioned before, met wonderful people…and that’s what this post is about: saying “till next time” to new friends–Naty & Marco! 👫They are the ones I went with to Myanmar, with whom I endured the freaking 18-hour-train-ride to Bagan, a memory that we will have forever!

Beyond that, they have being like family to me. I don’t think my first months in KL would have been this easy without their support and friendship, and for that I’m thankful to the Universe!✨💖

Naty & Marco, may you have a safe and nice flight going back home✈️💺. This is not a goodbye, but a “till next time”.




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