Dos and Don’ts in KL (kids friendly options included!)

KL is a big city, but from my perspective, there are not many places to go do tourism around by day… And because I work, the places I go are mostly at night to have dinner and drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I have fallen in love with KL, I could live here for many years. But, when my family and friends came to visit me, I felt like there were not many places to take them or tell them to visit. So, these are my Dos and Don’ts for those who want to make a stop in this magnificent city (or even for those who live here).

Do come to KL and have a fabulous time! .. If you live in KL, Do tell your friends and family to come and visit…Do tell to come and travel around!

Do go to KLCC and see the Petronas Towers, by day AND by night. You will see how amazingly beautiful these towers are. As I have said before: this is my reminder that I live in Asia.

Do go to KLCC Park, just behind the Towers, and take more pictures of the Towers from that side.

Do go to the KL Towers’ Bridge and also to the Top, it gives you a new perspective of the structure.

Do have a coffee or a drink in one of the restaurants/coffee shops around the KLCC fountain.

Do go to Merdeka Square, and from there Do go to Central Market. There you will be able to find many souvenirs and nice things from all over Asia—Do ask for a cheaper price for anything you buy!

Do go to the National Mosque. It is interesting to go, and if you have never being inside a Mosque, this would be a great opportunity.

Do go to the Batu Caves. It is amazing to see how culture mixture is all around KL. Don’t miss the chance to see this natural temple.

Don’t go to the Bird Park. I went with my sister and her family (2 nieces), as they love the zoos, bird parks and anything that has nature involved. We were a little disappointed, as the place was not that clean. I understand there are animals walking and flying all around, but some maintenance could be done to the place. The concept of the place is brilliant, you can totally have the feeling you are in a forest, but still. I want to be hinest and can’t recommend this place.

Do go to KL Tower, and go up to the top to the observatory and Skybox (crystal clear box from which you can see the whole city!). Reallyyy really nice!

Do walk around KL, sometimes it is better to walk and get to know the city, rather than just sitting in a car. Do be careful when walking around, remember that KL is a big city, and as so there are pick pockets around.

Do go around KL in the Blue Taxis or even better in Uber/Grab. Don’t take the red taxis, they are not really into putting the meter so that could be tricky!

Do go to Helipad to see the sunset…and it is kids’ friendly!!! I know this might sound a little weird because Helipad is a lounge, and in general these places are not for kids. And, it is true. But, its atmosphere is more towards tourist so you will not feel you are out of place if you have kids– If not, ask my brother-in-law. He was a little bit in shock of going to a lounge with the girls, but then he saw the place and knew it was all worthy. Kids cannot go to the roof top, so you have to make two groups: one that go and admire the awesome view from the top, and the second group stays with the kids!.. By the way, kids’ drinks are for free (not bad, eh?!), considering that you HAVE to buy a drink to go to the top. If the kids get hungry, pizzas there are really good, and not that big. For me was all fun, my nieces’ first visit to a lounge with me!! : ) Looks like I’m the awesome auntie now! Lol

Do go to Changkat at night, have dinner there. I will say all the restaurants are kids friendly, but they Do recommend to go for dinner early as places allow smokers in all the areas—that’s the only challenge! But Don’t hesitate to go and get to know another known place in the city. Tried Ciccio Pizzeria (pizza are amazing, and the waitresses were great with my nieces!). Also, I fully recommend Opium KL it’s a fussion of Asian food, with flavorful food to be delighted with, and the drinks are A thing to try (a-ma-zing!!)

Do try Malaysian food, it is really different from what we (Westerns) are used to, go to Jalan Alor (close to Changkat) and try food for all over Southeast Asia. But remember: Don’t put any extra chillis if you are not into spicy food!

Do enjoy your stay and have fun all around KL!

PS: Don’t hesitate to send me a message with any recommendation or any other Do/Don’t to include in this list! 😉😜





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