Day 2 & 3 in Vietnam: Ha Long Bay, a Gem 

We left Hanoi early morning, and the first thing was crossing the street in such a hectic place! And, as thought, we had to cross the street gracefully without looking around… just walking straight—unbelievable! — See my previous post’s video to know what I’m talking about! 😉

The ride from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay was about three hours, with one stop half way to stretch the legs and get something to drink. The rice fields can be seen on the way, with many different villages around.. All the views are stunning along the way!

We arrived in Ha Long Bay and the boat crew was already waiting for us. We went on to hop on our beautiful boat, while many others were boarding their bigger boats for many occupancies. It was a beautiful scene from the beginning!

We started our journey in the boat, and from the upper deck we had a beautiful view, with all its splendor! Up to infinite you could see the beautiful mountain pagodas, and all the boats going to the same direction of enjoyment. It was perfect: the light breeze, the view, the colors, and the silence sounds of nature all around.

We enjoyed an amazing lunch on board, and then a short nap in the deck before making our first stop (when we actually just wanted the boat to continue!). We took a smaller boat, row around the bay, arriving at a fishing village museum—an interesting stop to see and understand Vietnamese’s’ life. The views were stunning, the way the sun covered us all was energizing, and the breeze made the little journey in the boat even more enjoyable!

Seeing up close the mountain pagodas that surrounded us gave a closer perspective of the beauty all around Ha Long Bay.

We went back to our boat, and from there we continued enjoying the peaceful scene! No sounds, no disturbance, no stress, not even taking pictures anymore.. no nothing, just enjoying the moment.

Later on we jump into the water, and even though It was a little cold it was refreshing… and quite salty too!! Mr. David (our tour guide) fished a little bit, and showed us to do it ourselves too…

Dinner was served and we totally enjoyed our seafood feast!! It was delicious, and we were sooo full after it!! Lol…We just continued enjoying the night with some wine and playing cards, a great way to enjoy the night in Ha Long Bay!

The next day, we started with a Ta Chi class- on the boat… We couldn’t ask for more! And then we went to one of the many caves.. the view from the top was the most beautiful part of this part of the tour!

It started raining (more like pouring!) when we were in the cave, so be ready for some showers if you go there…I took off my shoes, so I wouldn’t get them all dirty and full of mud! LOL

Shoeless, we went back to the boat and continue our way back to land to be picked up by our driver and go to Hanoi. One the way back we couldn’t lose the opportunity to see the rice fields up close, and take even more pictures!

The perfect way to end this part of our tour was seeing beautiful happy smiles!

The last night and half day in Hanoi was great and we truly enjoyed the rest of our trip in Vietnam– I will tell you more about it in my next post! 😉



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  1. Hola Fabi, me parecen excelentes todas las fotos y la descripcion de la travesia. Super que tomaste la iniciativa de iniciar un blog. Gracias por seguir mi blog y quien sabe quizas podemos colaborar! Saludos!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola Juan Jose!! Gracias por tu comment, y me alegra mucho q te haya gustado el cuento y fotos de mi travesia! 😊 Tu q tal? Todavia por Texas? estamos en contacto! 🙂 Slds


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