Thinking in Retrospective: A Year Back

Today I read “Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in Days”.

Thinking a year back when I started this blog, and seeing how much things could change in the blink of an eye, makes you think about life itself, living it to the most every single day!

I have been in KL for a year and eight months already… and yes! things have changed A LOT during that time. Not much in an exterior way, mostly it has been changes inside: in the mind, in the heart.

First, I have found my way to communicate my emotions and excitement with all of you. I never thought that as English being my second language I would ever be able to express so much in words, in written – But I have done it!! and I actually feel pretty proud of myself for doing it (Kudos to myself!) Secondly, being more compassionate about my surroundings, about the people that I might not know but that are equally in existence as I am in this world. This is a working process, and I think this will be a working progress forever. I have learn my way to be more patience, and to think twice and even three times before talking. But also speak up when I personally don’t like something, not as an objection, but as a way to express my feelings and/or opinion… and have learned to not say “sorry” for being who I truly am: a passionate person!

Most importantly (I think), I have learned (even more this past year) about myself. By being pushed to travel alone, to have this random mental conversations with myself, I can totally describe myself, know what I like and don’t like, and what I’m willing to do for others. I have learned (by others) that the brightness that I feel people can actually see it, that my positive energy is contagious, and for that I’m super happy!

Thank you all for reading my posts, checking out my Instagram account, for liking my pictures, for going with me along the way; Making Distance Shorter!!

Cheers for a Fab-ulous 2018!


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