Continuing my Expat Journey

Packing your life into boxes and moving to a new country is certainly not an easy task. Exciting: yes! Scary: More than just a Bit. A new culture, alien languages, unfamiliar flavors and unknown roads ready to be discover. A whole new world of opportunities, possibilities, questions (a lot of questions!), all mix together into one big adventure.

Being an expat has transformed me as a person, it’s like I see thing through new lenses. What may seem overwhelming initially, it settle down to become my life’s routine.

It is neither easy nor as glorified as it looks. There were very chaotic days, days when I questioned whether this life makes any sense for me personally. It could have been about that coffee shop in your hometown, that comfort zone…There were weeks of self-doubt with a need to find familiar things and places…

But through this journey, there was comfort in knowing that trying new circumstances will bring inspiring stories.

My time in Kuala Lumpur has been beyond wonderful, and I will cherish all the amazing experiences. I believe what motivates me to continue this Expat Life is the desire to learn and push past the fear that usually holds us back; it’s about going beyond that fear. I have certainly spent two wonderful years in KL, and have a lot to be grateful for.

It’s time for me to continue my Expat Journey, finding my new routine in a new place… Here I go Argentina!



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