Welcome to my Scrapbook!

This is my blog, sharing the stories while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… Where to go in the city, where to travel in Asia and so much more!…

I’m originally from Venezuela. Lived and grown up in Maracaibo, and after political problems started in my country, I moved to Houston in 2008 and started University to pursue my degree in Petroleum. I struggled A LOT to get my degree, but I DIT IT (Wohoo!), and I was more than excited to start my first job as a Field Engineer.

After working in different cities in the US for about two years and a half (I even went up to North Dakota on a January), I got transferred to KL! I couldn’t believe it…It was almost a dream, too exciting!! But, I was going to the other side of the World– literally speaking!! Coming from a Latin family, you must imagine how close I’m to my parents and sisters (A LOT, we have an iMessage group chat –> it’s not as intense as you might think). So, when I arrived in KL, I decided to write emails to send to family and friends, where I could tell them about my life in KL, about work, trips, new friends, and all sort of things!

… and that is how “Fabi Scrapbook” was born…These are the stories about my life in Asia, and while living in Argentina…Making Distance Shorter…

Hope you all go along with me in this journey!





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