Enjoy this Moment! 

In a world so connected, a time when we can see our families in the other side of the world by a screen (like The Jetsons—Los Supersonicos), being far away from home is difficult—but not as much as 5-10-20 years ago.

I could not imagine how hard would have been if I have been transferred to Asia 5 years ago. I would have probably told my mom to go with me for some months…But the transition has not been that difficult when you have these technological advances, and of course, if you are open minded!

To go across the world, you have to be opened minded of “what’s coming”, of meeting new people, learning about other cultures… to be opened to the idea of joining an expats’ group, enroll in a painting class, in a music class, join a salsa casino group…the options are endless, but it is up to us to enjoy the experience at its fullest—or stay at home crying and thinking about what family and friends are doing— don’t get me wrong, that would be fine!

But don’t! ..enjoy these moments…and learn!

So, let me tell you what I have learned while being these months so far away from family and friends:

  • It’s totally fine to cry and to be vulnerable, it purifies the spirit. And it’s more than OK to say “I miss you” , it makes us stronger. I think that, weaker is the one who missing someone, doesn’t say anything.
  • To think before saying something is the job of a wise man/woman. We have grown up in a place where we have to “react” to everything. The time is passing so fast that we are not taking the time to think, to digest our words. Take your time.
  • To travel alone is something done only by those who want to know themselves. It is a time with yourself, with your mind, with your feelings…it’s to find yourself! It’s to realize that you are humble, that you are lovable, that you enjoy every minute of life itself…and in those moments you are thankful for what’s going on around you.
  • To meditate. To work your mind. To channel your energy.

Those who have migrated from their hometowns, those who travel around the world, those who are expats–those just away from home: Enjoy this moment!!




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