Valentine’s Day: Cards, Flowers?

February 14th, and who doesn’t know that today is Valentine’s Day? The day we have been pushed to think in the love one, family and special friends. Society has pushed us to share on this day unique thoughtful gifts, flowers and cards with our loved ones, to make this day super memorable.
Since I’m away, and cannot send hundreds of cards in the mail 📩—even though I would loveeee to do it—I have something better to share (I think!), and it is to share good vibes for each one of you✨. Yesterday, I shared a short paragraph with some of my friends/family, and I would like to share this with you all… It says: “Sending love letters to people we care about is a rewarding experience, both for us and for them. Making the time to take pen in hand and express our thoughts is valuable. But there’s another way to send love letters, too–it doesn’t require a pen and paper. It requires concentrated thought. There’s an invisible thread of energy winding through the universe, one that connects us all. Thoughts have power”.

I have always known the power of our thoughts, of our inner energy. But, now more than ever I know there is an “invisible thread of energy”. I want to share my inner energy with y’all, I’m sending loving thoughts charged with positive emotional energy. 💌❤️✨



PS: picture feauting my parents, cause they are the most special couple ever!👫❤️


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