What would you miss the most?

This past Thursday I met with my friend Simone, who is marrying in October (Wohoo, Congrats girl! 👰🏾🎩), and who is going back to US after three years living and working in Kuala Lumpur.

I met her last year through my friends Naty and Marco –the ones that went back to Ecuador last weekend. So, I met Simone and she is the sweetest!! She is also a Petroleum Engineer, her fiancée is from Houston, and she used to live in H-town.. There are many things that we are alike, so I think that is super fun –and super sad that she is living so soon!! (super soon, it’s almost March already, can you believe it?!)

We had dinner together at The View, which is a restaurant/bar at the top of G-Tower, really nice ambiance and good food. We talked about work, her wedding, our families…and of course, about Asia: where have you gone, what was your favorite place…and, what are you going to miss the most?

In that sense, I even asked myself that question: “What would I miss the most about KL, about Asia? 🤔🤔

First, the mix of culture. Malaysian culture draws on the variety of people: Chinese, Indian, indigenous tribes, Persian, Arabic, and British. They have grown together and created a unique and distinctive country. Not only there is a fusion in traditions, but also its food is very distinctive and full of flavor.

It’s people. Asian people are so humble, and have wonderful hearts. Their smiles are always present and through their eyes you can see their souls.

Having the opportunity to go to remote countries that we have only heard and seen in a magazine. Places from which now we have unforgettable memories, places that not even a picture could capture its magnificence.

Saying yes when a friend tells you to go try Pakistani food. Saying yes to go to a birthday party  where you don’t know anyone (not even the mom of the birthday girl!). Saying yes to meet a friend of a friend who has just arrived in town. Saying yes to go to a Comedy Club, even though you don’t understand any of the jokes! Saying yes to go to an Indian wedding, because it would be super fun! Just going out, trying something different, share time with friends. I can totally say that I always plan something to meet my friends in Houston, but I think that here we are push from an inner force to go out.

The new friends we make, friends from all over the World. Friends who have been a great support in this adventure, friends who we might not see again, but that will be in our hearts forever. At this point, my list of places that I would like to visit has double just by the fact that I would like to visit my friends, and say: “Hellooo again! 😃😉”.

Growing so much, so fast…and knowing that if there’s another place that I need to go next, I would enjoy the challenge and be ready for the change… I have this quote mark in my heart now “Have no fear of moving into the unknown”. I have fallen in love with the unknown, and I think many could agree with me.

All the end, Simone told me “Fabi, you know what? I will miss it ALL!”. I couldn’t agree more with her…with only 9 months in KL and hopefully many more to come, I have no doubt that I will miss EVERYTHING!


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